These few testimonials -from last year and before- will tell you more about my Celebrant practice than I ever could and about my absolute commitment to making your ceremony perfect for you!

Célébrations & Mémoire - Frise

“It was important to us that our ceremony was bi-lingual. Karine was excellent and made the whole ceremony so special for us. The ceremony was in French and English with both of us saying vows / readings in both languages; the guests really appreciated it being in both languages and Karine spoke in both languages fluently throughout. She was very attentive and made sure everything was perfect for us; she was extremely approachable and we had no hesitation in asking her questions or making suggestions. Karine was very open to ideas and really listened to what we wanted and the type of ceremony that we hoped for. There was no problem communicating with Karine, she was always available on Skype and the only time we met her was on the day of the ceremony. She was very precise and wanted everything to be perfect for us. She took the time before the ceremony to speak with the witnesses and make sure that everyone was comfortable with where they would be seated and knew what they had to say. She was a true professional and I highly recommend her.”

Emma et David, French-British couple (UK)


“Mathew and I quickly realized that the services of an officiant was exactly what we wanted for our wedding; we were immediately impressed with both the customization possibilities and flexibility. The experience and expertise of Karine really helped prepare a ceremony that was both very personal and very much ‘like us’. The challenge of us living thousands of miles away and the fact that we asked Karine to create a bilingual ceremony was handled brilliantly. Karine managed with great skill to conduct a dynamic ceremony in French and English while being intimate, romantic and touching. Not only were we as a couple deeply moved, most of our guests had tears in their eyes. We have also received many compliments on our ceremony and know that much of that credit is due to Karine.
Thank you for your listening, your advice to lead our union so brilliantly and share your passion for officiating.”

Bérengère & Matthew, French/Canadian couple (Singapore)


“Dear Karine, Thank you for our most beautiful day – more than words can really say – And for your lovely personality that added the richness to make the ceremony perfect! The ceremony without question was more than we had ever dared hope for; it was personal, relaxed, sincere, and so very meaningful. You do have a gift, and everyone spoke about it being the most ‘romantic, meaningful, and moving’ wedding they had ever attended. Also the printed copy of the service is so beautiful. We are making a copy for my mother who will be very touched by the reference to my father, and to her. Thanks again for all of your personal touches – they made all the difference. We are very grateful for your patience, your caring, and your most touching ceremony!”

Fern & Gerry (Canada)


 Jamie and Anthony, UK


“Dear Karine, We wanted to thank you for the sterling work you did for our wedding. We both thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony and the way you delivered it. You put so much efforts into it, between the transcript, the translation, the delivery and the last minute surprises that you handled beautifully! We had a lot of compliments from our guests on this « emotional », « so personable », « romantic » and « unique » ceremony. So thank you again.”

Maud & David, French/British couple (UK)


“Dear Karine, Thank you very much for everything, it was a perfect day for us. All the best.”

Annika & Alex (Germany)


“Thank you for the ceremony and the beautiful words you have put together. It was personal and sentimental. It’s exactly what we wanted.”

Lauren & Robert (Canada)


“It’s was great to meet you. We are honored to have you as a celebrant at our wedding. You made it special and custom the ceremony to fit us and the family in such a short time. I really appreciated all your effort. Thank you again for everything.”

Mishelle & Andrew (USA/Singapore)


  »Karine, We felt that our wedding celebration was truly magical. It was exactly what we dreamed of for our ceremony: a memorable moment to share, out of time, and very intimate. Our guests were very touched by some passages, especially particularly the exchange between Jérôme and his brother. They were very appreciative of your way of being, your speech, etc.  Thank you again for contributing to our happiness and the success of our memorable day! We wish you all the best.”

Séverine & Jérôme (France)


« Dear Karine, A sincere and heartfelt thanks to you for our celebration. The ceremony was perfectly written and performed, and beyond our wildest dreams. We lived one of the happiest moments of our lives! There was so much love that everybody felt it: the friends, the family, even the staff were all very moved. Thank you once again for your creativity and professionalism which made a success of our wedding day!  Yours sincerely.”

Ernest & Sandra (Switzerland)


“We are a French/English couple from London who got married in the South of France. We were introduced to Karine through our wedding planner. After one conversation over Skype we were sure Karine was the right person to host our ceremony.  We had no idea what we wanted but with Karine’s help we were able to shape the ceremony into exactly what we had dreamed of. Karine worked to make sure that every element we had mentioned was present in the ceremony – including a part for our daughter. It was personal, touching, original, light hearted at times and extremely accessible. Karine was an absolute joy to work with, taking our comments on board at each part of the process. The ceremony was really the high point of our wedding and is certainly the part that meant the most to both of us. On the day Karine was perfect, hitting the right tone and making us feel at ease.

The ceremony has been the one thing that our guests have continually talked about as being the best they have seen… So thank you Karine!!!”

Angharad & Luc, French-English couple (UK)
MAS DE PUECH ~ June 2011


 “We sincerely enjoyed the symbolic wedding ceremony performed by Karine Wegel on our wedding day. We are a couple of mixed nationalities, Dutch and Irish, and we decided to celebrate our wedding at le Mas des Comtes de Provence in France where we enjoyed the company of 50 guests.

Thanks to Karine, we and our guests enjoyed a well written and well spoken wedding ceremony. Many of our guests had never met each other before, but the ceremony, written and spoken by Karine, was intimate and bonded the guests. Also, all our guests knew parts of our lives and love story. However, Karine made sure that our guests left the ceremony with the feeling that they had got to know us even better. All these aspects made our wedding ceremony and wedding day very special. Karine was very thorough in her preparations. Months before our wedding we received questionnaires and other forms to fill in. We answered the questions honestly and sincerely, therefore Karine was able to personalise the ceremony and as a result we enjoyed an intimate and personal celebration. We also talked several times with Karine; On Skype, over the phone and via email. In these phone and email conversations we discussed (parts of) the ceremony. A few days before our wedding celebration we met with Karine at the wedding venue to discuss the practical parts of the ceremony as where to walk, where to stand/sit, etc.  All in all we experienced a ceremony which was intimate and personal and we are sure that Karine has provided all of our guests with good memories.

Karine, thank you so much for all your energy and expertise you put into our wedding ceremony. It was very special. Best wishes.”

Eefje & Michael (Netherlands/Ireland)


Testimonial Celebrant Karine Wegel“Thank you for this unforgettable day! A few months ago, when we met to prepare our Wedding Celebration, we did not imagine how important each element of the ceremony was, may it be the script, the development of our ceremony, step by step, the placement of the guests… and the Bride and Groom (!), etc. It was not until our wedding day for us to realize all this. Indeed you truly thought about everything, down to the tiniest details such as the candles, the gong, the music… but, above all, you have managed to tell our story with our joys and our pains.  To conclude, we thank you again for the beautiful ceremony you created for us!!!”

PS :  “During the ceremony, I felt like my parents were present! And during the Stone Ritual, my son shed a few tears, touched by the intensity of the moment [...] He was deeply moved when he expressed his love to both of us.” ~ Ange

Valérie & Ange (France)


“Dear Karine, We received the keepsake ceremony just a few days ago!  Oh my goodness how sweet!  I’ve shown it to 2 of my friends that just got married; and they’re so jealous.  I’ve even made a copy and sent it to my Grandmother that could not make it! Thanks a million.”

Karine & William (France/Australia)


Témoignage Cérémonie Laïque par Célébrante Karine Wegel“We had a civil wedding in the UK but we wanted to have a proper wedding in the South of France with a non-religious bilingual ceremony. The services that Karine offered as a Celebrant exceeded all our expectations. Karine took her job to heart throughout the entire process and the passion for what she does shone through every time we met or talked – she advised us on the structure of the ceremony, on the good timing of the music and the texts. She also took the time to get to know my husband and I to celebrate our story as a couple with our own words. She found the perfect tone for our personalised ceremony in both English and French to make our wedding day unique. She consulted with the wedding party present during our rehearsal, including the DJ and videographer and went through all the details. As a result, she delivered the most beautiful and moving ceremony we could ever hope for. My family and guests thought she was absolutely brilliant and we hope to have her around for many other great milestones of our lives.”

Nelly & Michael (France/USA)
CHATEAU L’ARC ~ July 2010


« Before leaving for our honeymoon, we take a few minutes to tell you a big MERCI… You made our wedding celebration a real fairy tall. We felt we were in a movie, surrounded by tenderness, happiness and joy! So again merci because it is indeed thanks to you that everything has been possible. We received compliments only… We wish you well for the future.”

Sandrine & Benoît (France)

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