If you wish to travel to Provence to celebrate your wedding…

Life-Cycle Celebrant®, certified by the Celebrant Foundation & Institute USA in 2010, I have a lot of experience working with international couples who want to celebrate their wedding celebration in Provence.

Thanks to internet and phone connections, the distance is not a problem as we work together to create and plan the ceremony via e-mail and phone.

In a collaborative process, I guide you in choosing rituals, readings, symbols and music in order to fulfill your ideals and bring your vision to life. Moreover, for a fully personnalize ceremony,  I provide unlimited consultation while creating your celebration until final approval of the text.

Celebrant’s note :
The rehearsal is an important step in the preparation of your wedding celebration as it will give the tone for the rest of the ceremony. It will help us finalize the last details.

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For more information,
please contact Célébrations & Mémoire and Karine Wegel
via e-mail celebrations-memoire@orange.fr or at +33 (0)6 75 17 21 26.

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Wedding Celebrant in France

Couple celebrates wedding ceremony in their dream venue, thanks to local Celebrant

The concept of professional officiants is new in France but the number of couples seeking wedding celebrants has been slowly but surely rising over the past years, probably due to movies, VIP weddings and internet. Wedding industry professionals confirm that couples seeking an alternative to traditional church weddings are faced with the dilemma of not knowing where to turn to find a ceremony professional to perform their wedding ceremony.

When people decide not to hold their wedding ceremony in a place of religious worship, they often seek professional celebrants because, even if they know the type of celebrations they want, few have specific ideas about the details and how to organize a wedding ceremony. Karine Wegel, a Celebrant trained by the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, explains: “Celebrants are professional officiants who not only perform ceremonies; they give their clients guidance in crafting their ceremony, each of which is unique and reflects the clients’ beliefs, values, and vision.” 

Avignon (March 30, 2010) – Sandrine and Benoît were one such couple in search of an officiants. “We knew Abbaye Saint-Andre was perfect for our wedding celebrations,” said this newlywed couple, “but we did not want to be married by a friend or family member,” added Sandrine, “and so we started looking for an officiant.”

However, just 6 months before their wedding day, they were losing hope of finding someone to help conduct their wedding ceremony in this particular venue. “We were about to give up our dream,” recalled Benoît, “when we met Karine Wegel, a Celebrant. She made everything possible: not only was Karine able to lead the ceremony in our chosen venue but she worked with us and the ceremony was just the way we wanted it.”

 “Personalized ceremonies are the specialty of Celebrants,” said Karine. “This is what we do: help couples make their vision come true. I believe all couples deserve a unique and personal ceremony, and it was an honor to make Florence and Max’s dream comes true.”

 A native of Provence, Karine Wegel has lived and worked many years abroad. Steeped in foreign cultures, she enjoys learning other people’s history, traditions and customs. After working in a wide range of international industries and then for an international agency, Karine created her own Event company. During those 20 years of professional experiences, she developed strong planning and organization skills. Very creative, she knows to listen closely and ask the right questions.


For more information about Celebrations & Memoire and our services, you can contact us via e-mail at celebrations-memoire@orange.fr or call at +33 (0)6 75 17 21 26. 

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