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A question, an enquiry?

Ceremonies and rituals are important because they give people the opportunity to honor the fullness of the human experience across the lifecycle

"Whatever life gives us, we celebrate, we honor, we remember, we /express**gratitude.
Pulling the thread of celebration inevitably leads to the word "thank you!" The celebration exudes a scent of gratitude."
~ Paule Lebrun, founder of HO Rites of Passage (October 21, 1945 - November 12, 2017) ~

In life, we experience moments of happiness and unhappiness, joy and pain, periods of success and doubt, hope and despair... more or less important, more or less predictable. Some are far more decisive and transformative than others, and when we celebrate along the way, we say "yes" to significantly translating and acknowledging what is experienced.

"Knowing that we are alive is to know everything. There is nothing more to find in this life that the "yes" that definitely ignites our existence."
~ Christian Bobin ~

In this, celebrations and rituals have a role to play in our lives because to —in a conscious intention—put words, pictures, gestures in a ritualized and symbolic context translates and produces meaning around the significant passages of our lives, not just for the honorees but also for those close to them.

A community gathered together, in joy or sorrow, to witness and take part in a unique and solemn moment of sharing: that is the beauty of Ceremony. Beyond words and deeds, this emotional complicity, this sense of belonging that no one forgets are parts of the reasons that led me to become a celebrant, and why I invest myself with passion and commitment in my celebrant practice.

So I ask you, "How in your own way, unique and unforgettable, would you like to give testimony?"


“The celebration brings a new dimension to the happy or sad events, the big and little experiences that make up our lives' story. Life is filled with moments like these and a significant ceremony, a meaningful ritual gives us the opportunity to express our feelings as we go through important personal milestones. Thus they reach the very depth of our being and make our soul vibrate”

~ Karine Wegel

You wish to take a moment of celebration, a time of connection with yourself and other? You are looking for a ceremony that reflects who you are, that offers you a unique and authentic way to celebrate your wedding or another important event in your life? Let your heart speak to give meaning and value to what is important to you, with awareness and intention.

My role, as celebrant, is to guide you in this process to create together a space of celebration that enables everyone to live a special moment in time of shared feelings and emotions.

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